Afficone is officially live!

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Marketing as a solopreneur sucks. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

Building something with passion for months (in some cases even years) and then having nobody use it can be demoralizing.

Why did we do it?

We found a gap in the market. While affiliate software isn’t hard to find, many of our competitors lack customizability, cost a ridiculous amount of money or take a percentage of your earnings as a fee.

When creating Afficone, our primary goal was to eliminate these downsides, take the best features, make them even better and add our own flavor on top. That’s how we came up with a rather affordable and reliable platform that doesn’t take a cut from your earnings.

Our pricing is based on how much revenue gets processed through Afficone per month. In other words, your success literally benefits us.

Why affiliate marketing?

Building a product is probably about 20% of the whole process. The other 80% is getting people to use that product. Affiliate marketing can be one of the cheaper (as well as passive) ways of getting traction.

  • Instead of having to rely on paid advertisements and expensive marketing agencies, you can work with people who are already in your industry.
  • This not only saves money, but also helps in building authentic relationships with influential people in your industry, thus increasing the visibility of your product.
  • You have the option to pay after getting sales. This way you don’t have to burn through your marketing budget.
  • The better an affiliate performs, the more you both earn so there’s an incentive for affiliates to work hard.

An interesting fact about Affiliate Marketing is that it makes up to 25% of major brands’ total sales online - and that number is growing every year!

What's next for Afficone?

We have a long roadmap. In fact, why not list a few of our goals here:

  1. Multi-level marketing (sub-affiliates).
  2. Way more integrations!
  3. Affiliate groups & bonuses (edit: This is now a feature!)
  4. A signup widget in our SDK

That should be enough for now. We don’t really want to spill the whole tea 🙂

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