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Create a Paddle affiliate program

Affiliate software for Paddle Billing. Works for both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions.

Best choice

Why should you use Afficone?

If you're using Paddle, you may have noticed that they don't have a native way of creating an affiliate program.

That means you have to manually implement it yourself or use a third-party platform. Afficone is a great choice because of our transparent pricing, range of features and extensive customizability.

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Simple Integration

Integrate Paddle in 3 steps

1. Create a Paddle Notification

Create a Paddle webhook notification that alerts us when a sale happens.

2. Add our script

Add the lightweight Afficone script to your website to track clicks and client-sided purchases automatically.

3. Ready to launch!

Customize your affiliate portal and invite affiliates to your affiliate program.

A solid platform

No more spaghetti workarounds. It just works.

Client-side Checkouts

Using We patch that function out of the box.

Html Attribute Checkouts

Using HTML attributes instead? We support those out of the box.

Plug & Play Integration

Unless you're using API to create orders, you don't have to do anything.

Made for Paddle Billing

We are the first platform to fully support the new Paddle Billing.

Learn more about the Paddle integration with our guide

⚙️ Customers

Data-driven Orders 📝

Embed all kinds of data with our data-rich orders.

Create a customer profile for an order, add product details, set a commission and even add custom metadata for your order.

🎨 Customizable

Customize to your ❤️'s content

Change your affiliate dashboard's looks, background, colors, fonts, languages and more!

Upload your logo, write your own CTAs, benefits and descriptions. Use your own domain and send branded emails to your affiliates.

💰 Payouts

Payouts Made Simple 💸

We support ~20 payout methods and if that's not enough, we also allow you to choose your own custom payout method.

Pay out thousands of people in a few seconds with our Wise and PayPal bulk payouts integration.


Not using Paddle?

We support more platforms you can check below


Ready to launch?

Encourage your customers to promote your products with an affiliate program!